Engagement List

17th March 2018 – (Saturday) 3pm Mick O’Shea’s – St Patrick’s Day. Main South Road, Hackham.

23rd March 2018 – (Friday) 6pm The Magil Club. Uren Street Magil.

7th April 2018 – (Saturday) 10am Laura Folk Festival.

14th April 2018 – (Saturday) 11am Glenn Barr Highland Gathering, Paris Creek Road, Strathalbyn.

25th April 2018 – (Wednesday) 5am ANZAC Day, Hilton RSL Dawn Service.

25th April 2018 – (Wednesday) 9am ANZAC Day, Street March, Adelaide.

5th May 2018 – (Saturday) RU Brown, Scots College.

18th August 2018– (Saturday) Fred Adam Solo Piping Competition, Port Adelaide Caledonian Society Hall, 189 Semaphore Road, Exeter.

10th November 2018 – (Saturday) 10:30am Credit Union Christmas Pageant, Adelaide.

11th November 20185pm (Sunday) Armistice Day 100 year Anniversary.

1st  December 2018 – (Saturday) 10:30am Salisbury Christmas Pageant.

8th December 2018  – (Saturday) 6pm Port Broughton Christmas Pageant.


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